Theatre Design

We believe the relationship of the performer and the audience is paramount. Each theatre we design is unique for the intended use.

For drama, smaller houses close and tight to the stage help the audience see the eyes of the actors and develop the emotional content of the play. For music, we defer to the requirements of the acoustic consultant and strive to design environments that are silent, reverberant, and visuall interesting. For opera and ballet, which require larger houses, we array seating so that the walls of the house are "peopled" so horizontal sightlines are maximized and everyone the can see the stage floor orchestra pit.

  • Design of seating layouts and room egress with particular attention to ADA access to stage and multiple seating location in the house.
  • Selection of interior finishes and colors for fabrics, walls, woods and carpets.
  • Design of custom carpets.
  • Design of faux finishes and decorative murals.
  • Design of milwork and historic molding.
  • Recommendation (in collaboration with acoustician) for room heights and wall openings.
  • Custon design of acoustic reflectors for visual integration with the room.