Esther Eastman Music Center
The project includes the creation of the Music Arts Center and the renovation of the Walker Auditorium stage. The Music Arts Center includes a 700-seat music pavilion, music department administration spaces, rehearsal rooms, and classrooms. The music pavilion stage has been located back-to-back with the Walker Auditorium stage to optimize operations. The music department connects to the existing campus building in a gentle sweep that complements an adjacent garden.

The Pavilion is a large volume glass enclosure designed to minimize its exterior volume and maximize views from within of the surrounding hills and lake. The glass doors can be opened so that music listeners can be seated either indoors or out during warm weather.

The main floor is flat and can be used for stack-seating, banquet seating, or as a rehearsal hall. The parterre and balcony contain permanently mounted, upholstered benches that ring the side walls.

A dedicated concert lighting system is augmented by aditional circuits that may be used for theatrical events. The acoustic canopy is lit with a leafy projection pattern that alludes to the adjacent trees of the site.

The lighting throughout the music center has been designed to meet the specialized needs of students reading music as well as saving energy.