Palace Gardens Pavilion
The owner of the Detroit Tigers wanted to build an outdoor facility to book shows during the summer months. Similar in concept to Saratoga or Wolftrap, this facility was to be much larger, 7,500 seats under the roof and 7,500 lawn seats. Because corporate boxes with minibars were so successful at Palace Stadium, these were to be incorporated. The primary use of the space would be for rock performances.

Cosler Theatre Design was hired to review the schematics and provide consultation to permit use of the facility for more legitamte entertainment such as ballet, opera, musical theatre, and orchestra music.

The wide fan of the seating as originally drawn was problematic for proscenium horizontal sightlines. We suggested that the layout be changed so that radial aisles would fall at natural break points, thus making it easy for the box office to cut off side sections of seating for smaller productions.

Although the size of the stage was acceptable, the rigging requirements for rock concerts are different than for other performances. We recommended the raising of the stage house and the layout of roof steel to permit the installation of a typical counterweight rigging system.