Franklin and Marshall College
The Theater, Dance, and Film department at Franklin and Marshall college includes 8 faculty and is spread out over the campus in facilities not designed for performing arts usage. The Other Room Theatre, a flexible space which seats 75, is off campus.

Working with a previous study by another consultant, the design team interviewed all staff, examined buildings, and studied the campus master plan. After analyzing the information, a new campus map was prepared with options for new facilites, bearing in mind how the new space would fit within the existing campus buildings.

A 350-seat procenium theatre was designed with an orchestra pit and lift. The seating form and balcony are baed on a circle which surrounds the forestage area. Loose chairs in the side balcony and parterre level make it possible for patrons to adjust to the best horizontal sight lines.

A 150-seat black box has a tention grid and an inventory of platforms and stack chairs, making it possible to have an infinate number of audience/performer relationships.

The 3,000 square foot dance studio has a dual purpose. At one end is a cyc wall which can be lit for performances. On the opposite side are telescopic platforms with integral seats. This was, the room can change from a day-to-day dance studio into an additional performance space.