Washington College
Washington College staged a competition to explore how Gibson Hall, current home of the music and drama departments, could be renewed and appended to serve the present and future needs of both departments. It became clear during the study that various existing wings of the building would need to be demolished, leaving only the renewed Tawes Theater as the centerpiece of the new building. The new wings included a new thrust theatre with 167 seats, a new drama department wing with a scene shop, a new music department wing, and new gallery/rehearsal spaces.

In order for Tawes Theater to work for both music and drama, the roof needed to be raised to create more acoustic volume. Similarly, a new seating array included balcony seating to move everyone closer to the stage. Providing a new scene shop will eliminate the need to build sets on stage, loosening up the schedule crunch.

A new interior "street" on the south side of Tawes provides access to parking. Adjacent to the street is a securable gallery where shows of art and sculpture can be mounted. With sliding wall sections, it can be opened to the lobby area and serve as a rehearsal hall for the drama department.