Guzzetta Hall
The goal of this feasiblity study was to understand the design scope and costs for a major addition to Guzzetta Hall at the University of Akron. The addition would be designed for the use of the University Dance Department and the Ohio Ballet, a professional dance company.

Cosler Theatre Design met with the director and faculty to understand the needs and to confirm and augment a basic program of spaces. During presentation, it was decided that a 700-seat theater would be the most ideal.

The theater was designed to maximize vertical and horizontal sight lines for dance. A balcony that could be used or not used helps to vary the capacity of the theater. An orchestra pit that seats 20 musicians was also included.

Futher planning was done to include dance studios, support spaces, and the link to the existing building's interior lobby. In addition to studios for the Ohio Ballet and the University Dance Department, studio space was also required for a large after-school program of dance instruction. Floor surfaces vary within the various studios to accomodate ballet, modern, and tap.

Finally, budgets were developed for the construction and equipment. Three designs for a small, medium, and large program were developed to give the University and Donors flexibility in fundraising.