Central High School
Newark Public Schools planned this 900-seat theatre to serve the central ward of Newark. The large stage permits orchestras and large bands to perform. The portal can reduce the aperture for musicals and intimate dramas.

Cosler Theatre Design studied the impact that adding a balcony would have on the design of this multi-use auditorium. While the effect of getting everyone closer to the stage was desirable, the budget would not allow for it. To compromise, a stadium rake at the rear of the auditorium was added.

Catwalks over the auditorium provide safe access to the stage lighting fixtures and the follow spot booth. Side technical balconies add interest while providing acoustic reflection and a side lighting position. The state of the art dimming system has 192 circuits, and an architectural preset system that permits teachers to easily dim lights and focus spotlights for lectures and A/V presentations.

A video projector, located in the control booth, a screen hung a drapery setting on the stage rigging, and a sound system with a central loud-speaker array provide the school with the ability to present educational movies and videos.