Alexander Kasser Theater
Conceived to serve both the University's music and drama departments, the Kasser Theaer has become a performing arts center of note. It has attracted favorable notices from the press, public, and performers, including Mikail Baryshnikov, Robert Lapage, Michael Nyman and Bob McGrath.

The facility includes an acoustically adjustable auditorium with seats arrayed in a 350 seat orchestra and a 150 seat balcony. The fully rigged stage, with a central performance area of 48' wide by 40' deep has wings on each side that are 35' wide by 40' deep, permitting full-stage wagons and storage of the orchestra shell towers.

A special room displaying 30 instrucments designed by famed music visionary, Harry Partch, along with vitrines housing a special University Art Collection in the spacious lobby and a covered colonnade to the contiguous parking deck provide unique features for this theater.