Wilton High School
This 875-seat auditorium theater has been designed to serve the multi-use functions of drama and music for the school and the community.

To move the space from a theatrical performance to a musical concert quickly, an orchestra shell was provided. A system of double sided vertical panels can be slid on and off stage and rotated revealing an acoustic side for music, or a black velour side for theatre. The full fly loft permits single purchase counterweight rigging so that shell panels, scenery, lighitng, and masking draperies can be easily arranged for each production.

An electronically driven pit lift makes changing the forestage area from an orchestra pit to extended house seating to a stage extension very quick and easy.

A new up-to-date stage lighting system was provided, incorporating the house lights in with the stage lighting dimmers for complete control. Catwalks were designed to make access to the front of house stage and house lighting completely easy and safe.