Suna Kirac Hall - Robert College
Cosler Theatre Design was brought onboard the Suna Kirac Hall project as the foundations were being poured. The project was incredibly fast tracked. Over the course of two years, CCTD supervised the exporting of American made theatre equipment and traveled to Turkey to check on the progress.

Because the hall is used for both music and drama, much attention was paid to the acoustics of the hall. A series of motorized draperies were designed for the space. The draperies are mechanically protected by the acoustically transparent wood grills which line the rear walls of the house. Sound passes through the grill and is absorbed if the drapes are closed and reflected if the drapes are open.

The theatre has a modified thrust form which allows either procenium style staging, or a thrust stage wich extends the playing area out into the surrounding seating using platforms. These platforms are lightweight with few pieces. The students and faculty can easily make the change easily and without tools. The area in front of the stage can also be used as an orchestra pit area.

The space received an up-to-date sound and lighting system. Catwalks within the space frame permit safe access by students to hang and focus lighting.

The students and faculty are delighted that after so many years, they have a facility in which to continue the tradition of theatre at Robert College.