St. James' Church
Our work on this project began with a study to see how relamping of the existing nave chaneliers could help to increase the level of light and make the church more welcoming. It was discovered that the amber glass filters were dirty, so once these were removed, the light in the church almost doubled. With this bit of work, we earned the confidence of the Vestry and were authorized to proceed with additional lighting for the nave, chapel, and baptistery.

In the Nave, we added new down lights in the side aisles, down the center aisle to highlight the processions and bridal parties. We also added down lighting in the chancel area, and provided spotlighting for various celebrant positions.

The Chapel was originally lit with one central chandelier. This left the edges of the room quite dark. We replaced the central chandelier with four new chandeliers to provide even coverage over the pews as well as uplighting for the ceiling. The two chandeliers closest to the altar have spotlights mounted that are focused on the celebrant. The lighting in the chapel altar area was completely redone, with low voltage strip lighting providing a glow around the top of the wood work.

The batistery needed to be completely relit as the existing lightin was quite dim and none of the rich iconography of the room was highlighted. Four new bowl fixtures were designed with vivid blue accents in the stencil cut watter patterns to uplight the ceiling, which was barely visible before.

All the architectural lighting was controlled by a central dimming system. Control stations are located in all areas. The celebrant only needs to press the button to get the desired lighting for that area. The theatrical board permits more complex programming of the lighting during special events and holiday services.