The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra built this facility to replace an older facility at the Cincinnati Zoo. At first it was anticipated that the Symphony would have exclusive use of the facility, but during the latter stages of development, it was decided that popular entertainment and rock concerts would also be accommodated. The modest budget dictated that a very simple form be used.

The site chosen for this project is in a flood plain, next to the Ohio River. The seating area is flooded every spring. The setting was specified to withstand the forces of water and debris, and to be easily washed down every spring.

The stage is fully rigged, and masking draperies were provided. The fire curtain is a steel framed curtain which is faced with rigid weatherproof material so that the curtain can act as a winter barrier to secure the stage during the off-season and between performances.

Because of the yearly floods, it was decided that all electrical distribution would be in the roof of the facility, and that the dimming system would be located on the fly floor. Stage spot lights were used to light the aisles. The stage lighting system uses portable racks to disconnect from the facility's system to allow road companies to utilize their own equipment, and to permit the use of the dimming equipment elsewhere in the off-season.