Oxford High School
This 800-seat auditorium theatre has been designed to serve the multi-use functions of drama and music. The level of finishes and equipment permits the town to use the facility for professional concerts and productions.

The seating is laid out to accomodate ADA access and, with its short orchestra level depth and balcony, to get everyone close to the stage. The section of seats beyond the inner ring are a different color and house lighting is separately controlled so the apparent volume of the house can be expanded on contracted, depending on the size of the audience for each event.

The stage lighting system also includes dimmers for house and work lighting, as well as a small architectural control system. Catwalks were designed to make access to the front of house lighting easy and safe.

The full fly loft permits single purchase counterweight rigging so that shell panels, scenery, lighting, and masking draperies can be easily arranged for each production. An electrically driven pit lift makes changing the forestage area from orchestra pit to extended house seating to stage extension very rapid and easy.