Tom Ridge Pavilion at the Mountain Laurel Center for the Performing Arts
Reclaiming the site of the Unity Camp, the former recreation facility for the ILGWU Union, the Mountain Laurel Center offers three performing venues in a 675 acre site with an 85 acre glacial lake located in the heart of the Poconos.

The Pavilion stage is a fully-rigged stage house capable of staging headliner acts, major rock shows, and a wide variety of entertainment including the Pittsburg Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and The Pennsylvania Ballet. The fore-stage area has been engineered with overhead strong points, lighting catwalks, and a follow spot crows nest to permit maximum flexiblity in staging performances.

The seating is arrayed in a 90 fan around the wide stage, affording everyone excellent horizontal and vertical sight lines. Three special areas of seating include box suites, box seating, and seating for persons with disabilities. The pavilion is fully accessible.

The house, stage, and work lighting are all controlled by the same dimming system. A distributed Ethernet LAN provides the means to integrate controls of moving lights, dimmers, and other peripheral equipment.