Milwaukee Auditorium
Renovating the original 1909 convention hall into a new, more amenable configuration for rock concerts and touring shows became a priority in 1999 for the burgeoning cultural center of Milwaukee. The hall formerly had seating for 6,120. With the addition of a balcony and raked orchestra, the new configuration will provide 4,200 comfortable seats and have new rehearsal spaces for local and touring companies. The new half round lobby will provide a stand-alone venue for parties.

The expanded, fully-rigged stage house will be capable of staging headliner acts, major rock shows, and a wide variety of entertainment from touring Broadway shows to symphony concerts. The fore-stage area has been engineered with overhead strong points for touring trusses, lighting catwalks, and a follow spot platform to permit maximum flexibility in staging performances.

The seating, which was formerly situated in a U-shape which provided good sightlines for basketball, but poor sightlines to the stage, was completely revamped to provide optimal sightlines and flexibility. This includes three tiers of box seating as well as accessible seating for persons with disabilities.

The house, stage and work lighting are all controlled on a new dimmer-per-circuit system, allowing the use of house lighting in stage cues and vice-versa. A large intercept panel, located between the front of house circuits and the dimming rack permits the diversion of these circuits to road company dimmers. A distributed Ethernet LAN provides the means to integrate controls of moving lights, dimmers, and other peripheral equipment.