Middletown High School
The new 700-seat, multi-use theatre for Middletown High School is designed to support the school's large music program, as well as the dram program and community organizations. The facility is fully equipped to mount major productions and features a scene shop and dressing rooms.

The 700-seats are arrayed in a single level and partierre boxes. The auditorium is equipped with motorized acoustic drapery that can be extended or retracted into pockets to vary the acoustic properties of the room as needed. The wall structure is designed to support a balcony with an additional 300 seats, to be added in later renovations as school enrollment grows.

The orchestra pit has a lift so that the stage can be extended, additional seating in the auditorium can be accommodated, or musicians can perform in the pit without obstructing the audience's line of sight.

240 dimmers provide the users with complete control over the stage and architectural lighting systems. The stage lighting is controlled via a computer memory console with manual operation options. The architectural lighting is controlled via push-button stations located throughout the facility.

The stage is fully rigged with manually operated battens on 8" centers for the full depth of the stage. Three acoustic reflector ceiling panels are on motorized winches for use during choral and orchestra performances.

In addition to overstage lighting battens, front-of-house lighting positions include two catwalks, an enclosed followspot booth and technical galleries at the balcony level on either side of the stage.