Henry Street Settlement
The key to the interior lighting of the space was to find a happy medium between slavish historic accuracy, which would have resulted in bare bulb, and lighting which would be soft, warm, and inviting. Our solution was to utilize fixtures with cast details similar to the 1915 period of the playhouse and use G lamps which provide a soft glow. The sconces use a 6" globe with capsulite A lamps. The new central chandelier has MR11 uplights which provides a play of light on the ceiling. Great pains were taken to integrate the emergency lighting so that it would not intrude on the historic ambience of the auditorium. The exit signs were a custom design with a special period front for the stencil-cut letters.

The existing seating, which was installed in the 1973 renovation, was factory refurbished and new period, profile backs of warm wood were made to match the wood end standards. The specially dyed wool plush fabric picks up some of the green tones in the carpeting.