Circle Theatre
Built in 1916 as a vaudeville house for touring road shows, the Circle Theatre reopened in 1985 as a permanent home for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

The original 2,200 seats were reduced to 1,800 beacuse the large underbalcony area needed to be reduced and the balcony needed to be re-raked to improve sight lines. The seating on-stage is for chorus seating, but can also be used for the public.

New motorized rigging was designed to permit the height adjustment of the four, full-width shell ceiling panels to be made at the touch of a button. Presets automatically move the panels to heights which are appropriate for varying sizes of orchestras and types of performances.

The stage lighting system not only provides for the downlighting of the orchestra, but also provides color washes, spot lighting and follow spots for popular entertainment. The stage lighting was futher complicated by the downlighting for the chorus which must serve alternatively as house lighting when the stage balcony is used for public seating.