Charlotte Country Day School
The new Fine Arts Center has a 700-seat theater around which band, choral, drama and dance studios and classrooms are arrayed. The theatre form is proscenium with 500 seats on the orchestra and 200 seats at the balcony level. A parterre box which lines the perimeter walls provides seating and access to the stage for persons with disabilities.

The stage house is designed for single purchase counterweight linesets for hanging scenery, lighting, drapery and acoustic reflective panels. The stage floor, of resilient construction, is excellent for dance. An inventory of stage lighting fixtures, hardware and cable provides designers with the tools to create exciting lighting designs.

The house lighting system is contained in the stage lighting dimming rack for economy and features individual control of groups of lights such as downlights, wall washers, apron lights, and curtain warmers. An auxiliary group of down lights is used to boost the auditorium light level to permit the use of the hall for academic testing.