Chapin School
The new drama classroom for Chapin School is actually a black-box theater with seating for 74 persons. A neutral room with a technical balcony and grid, the space has been designed to permit maximum flexibility for the staging of dramatic productions.

The stage, house, and work light systems are completely integrated and control all lighting within the room. House and work lights (which were designed for classroom lighting levels) can be controlled either from an architectural preset system or from the stage lighting console.

The dimming system for the stage lighting is a series of distribution “sticks”, each containing six 2.4KW dimmers. Outlets for data control and power are distributed around the technical balcony , at the stage level, and on the grid. The dimmers are used only where needed.

The seats are stack chairs with comfortable upholstery. A series of platform tops and legs of different lengths provide the means to create either stage settings or seating platforms.

A continuous drapery track, mounted at the edge of the technical balcony, and short sections of drapery panels have been designed to configure an inner circulation ring within the space. It is easy to create an entrance anywhere on the four walls of the theater.

The floor is a southern yellow pine surface, laid over special resilient construction.