Ford Theatre
Bliss Hall at Youngstown State University was built in 1977 as a State of Ohio project. The hall was designed to house the YOU Dana School of Music, the departments of theater and art on three separate floors, and an additional first floor containing three performance spaces. These spaces included a 400-seat drama theater (Ford Theater), a 220-seat recital/lecture hall, and space for a television studio which was left as raw space and developed by the theater department into an ad-hoc experimental theater. In the current phase (IIC), we, as part of a design team, were charged with programming and master planning for this and future phases to:

- Correct original design/construction problems.
- Adapt existing spaces to current and future needs.
- Add additional space where required.
- Provide cost estimates.
- Help the department heads prioritize the work to be completed in this and future phases.

We recommended a complete interior renovation of Ford Theater to correct acoustical and lighting angle problems, the adaption of the 220-seat fan-shaped recital hall into a thrust theater, and the combining of the experimental theater and the adjacent abandoned sculpture studio into a rectilinear recital hall.