Rewarding Lives - Annie Liebowitz Exhibit
In response to the events of September 11, 2001, which was literally across the street, American Express wished to present an exhibit of photographs as a positive response. The photographs of famous American Express card holders was organized around the idea of celebrating human potential in such categories as The Performative, The Pioneering, The Audacious etc. Photographs were individually lit within translucent fabric structures which were sculpted with colored light. As the day progressed, the balance of exterior daylight and interior exhibit light changed, creating a dynamic environment of light, shadow and color.

Over 125 theatrical lighting fixtures were installed in over one dozen locations throughout the lobby of the building. Each fixture was carefully focused to provide light and color on the fabric structures without distorting the colors of the photographs inside. Additional fixtures were focused on ivy plantings on the surrounding floor and walls to provide ambience. The fixtures were connected to a theatrical dimming system that was programmed to change the lighting in response to the time of day and the amount of daylight entering the space.