Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel
This 400-seat theatre nestled inside Singapore’s historic Raffles Hotel has a Victorian style with all the current technology of a modern performance theatre. The venue houses a multimedia tourism show on Singapore and Raffles shown multiple times daily, as well as chamber music, plays, and films.

The barrier free depressed floor slab provides excellent sightlines to the stage for all of the historic reproduction chairs that have custom profile backs, period seat ID plates, and the Raffles logo cast into each end-standard. Without a fly loft, the stage rigging was designed with 22 winches that provide the means for lowering and raising pipes for convenient hanging of lights, scenery, and the mildew resistant, inherently flameproof wool drapes. The house curtain is a custom designed and painted scene of colonial Singapore that rolls up from the bottom by an electric winch system.

The 220v stage lighting system uses a centralized dimming rack, remote controlled house lighting, and modern computer controlled stage lighting. The stage lighting wiring devices have the local standard “Schuko” connectors to allow for ease of rental fixtures and future additions to the inventory.

The hall is acoustically isolated by double wall construction from the surrounding shopping mall, kitchen, escalators, traffic, and rest rooms, and the mechanicals systems are designed to be silent. The sound system was designed to provide excellent music reproduction and recording, and the loud speakers are almost undetectable in the ceiling and the walls, while the AV systems features a commercial grade 16mm film projector, and three pairs of remote controlled 35mm slide projectors for multimedia business meetings and presentations.